I am a photographer and designer.
I am a designer and a photographer. 

There are other things that I do in my life—wife and children—but the two things that keep my mind the most busy are design and photography. 

Design, or as it has come to be called, UX (User Experience) Design is what I do. It is what I have been doing my whole creative career. No matter if it was the fine art that I was making in art school or if it was work that I was doing as a digital designer. 


Photography. I like to take photos of people. I love to capture them being human or in the case of sports photography—super human. I offer my services as a photographer at BygDay.com. I am a full service professional photographer.

To me, no matter what medium is being used,
clear communication of the story is paramount.

UX Design 

Telling a clear story is important. No matter if it's planning and organizing content or defining logical button placement. If there is no beginning, middle, or end, the user will be lost. 

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Imagery is an important component to communicating clearly. Though "print" design is not considered "UX" the users should never be forgotten. 

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Telling a story is especially important in all types of photography. Viewers enjoy the connections they feel when images evoke an emotional response.

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